Fire  Departments  Are “Going  Dark”  and  Becoming  Secret  Public  Security  Organizations

Fire Departments Are “Going Dark” and Becoming Secret Public Security Organizations

By Anne Rowe for DPS board, March 16, 2019

By MassPrivateI

Across the country fire departments in Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Illinois have started encrypting their radio transmissions, successfully turning them into secret public safety organizations.

The newest fire department to ‘go dark’ and conceal its communications from the public is the Denver Fire Department in Colorado.

The Denver Post reported that when the fire department discovered that they could no longer interact with the Colorado Cops Department which also went dark; they decided they had to do the exact same thing.

Fire department spokesman Greg Pixley stated, “that the fire department was not preparation on securing its channels, but stated that the department later on learned it would requirement to do so to facilitate easy interaction with police. It’s challenging to switch between encrypted and unencrypted channels.”

A 2016 Homeland Security report entitled “Considerations for Encryption in Public Security Radio Systems” has served as a blueprint to turn police and fire departments into secret public security companies.

The report checks out like a who’s who of federal companies assisting public security organizations go dark.

On page 2 of the report the Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications which is a Homeland Security company, thanked 4 different Homeland Security companies for their assistance.

The Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications wishes to acknowledge the important input of the following groups and companies: Department of Homeland Security OneDHSEmergency Communications Committee, SAFECOM E mergency Action Council, the National Council for Statewide Interoperability Planners and the DHS S outhwestBorder Communications.

How is that for redundancy? Thank yourself 4 times for helping turn public safety into a national secret.

Why does Homeland Security want to produce a secret very first responders communications network?

FirstNet privately utilizes facial recognition and Iris scanning

Two years ago, I reported that the national very first responder communications network called FirstNet, privately utilizes facial acknowledgment video cameras to spy inside houses and organisations.

“What’s imagined is enabling citizens and organisation owners the option of allowing their alarm companies to share the live feed when an alarm goes off”, Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Harlowe, 911 center leader said.

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According to a 2017, FirstNet ‘policy quick‘ the business strategies to help authorities determine criminal thinks through facial biometrics and Iris scanning technologies. What’s more, first responders have actually been privately recognizing declared extremists because at least 2014.

If you think it was hard to get FOIA documents from authorities and fire before, simply wait up until all interactions are re-classified as a federal government secret.

A Forsyth County News article warned that turning police and fire departments into secret organizations has long-lasting First Change ramifications.

Richard T. Griffiths, president of the Georgia First Change Structure alerted that public trust in police and fire officials will suffer.

“A big part of what’s occurring in the neighborhood is understood from that radio traffic. Particularly for reporters, it’s a essential method of being able to track down significant events when they’re happening Griffiths said.”

He also stated that fire departments never ever broadcast people’s social security numbers and other personal details over the airwaves.

“They’re not putting the name and Social Security number out there. They’re going to state, ‘He’s a 6- year-old white male who is suffering chest discomforts,” Griffiths said.

The City of Virginia Beach is considering securing fire department and school communications!

Radio encryption need to be readily available for use by schools, fire department, constable’s workplace, regional military liaisons, and other companies supplying mutual help.

Dallas, Texas wants to encrypt fire department and water utility communications.

Welcome to the brave new world of trick public safety interactions.

Fire and authorities departments offer brand-new meaning to “Secret Santa”

credit: Our Monaca

Thanks to DHS, cops and fire department Secret Santas will never ever be the very same. Because in the not-too-distant future the just method for residents to discovered out about what is occurring in their communities will be through authorities and fire department spokespersons.

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this short article very first appeared.

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