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  • And there is a lesson to be learned from this, my stupid but loyal apprentice, in that subtlety of mind can be, on occasion, its own undoing.
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  • She felt as if they were all becoming friends of hers.

  • We had all intended to go by diligence to Damascus, and switch off to Baalbec as we went along --because we expected to rejoin the ship, go to Mount Carmel, and take to the woods from there.
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    Southeast Denver Schools

    She did as he said, but she never took those potent, all-seeing eyes from his.

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  • It is not your father that keeps you here, said Pacorro, it is the treasure, and he leapt forward, seized the goat by the head and by the horns and he dragged her, stiff- legged, through the doorway.
    More than 12,000 students attend DPS schools located in southeast Denver. There are 11 elementary schools, a K-12, two K-8, three middle schools and two high schools. Students and parents looking for the best educational option have a variety of choices including neighborhood schools, schools with magnet programs and charter schools.

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    About Anne

    A proud parent of three teenage daughters in DPS, Anne has been actively involved in their schools for 14 years helping teachers in the classroom, serving as Slavens School's PTA and MSPA president and as co-chair of George Washington High School's Patriot Partners.

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