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What they found caused many to vomit, others to faint, and all to wail and shriek in horror.
Someone should watch their flanks, that's what we do in the air.

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They were complemented by knee-high cowboy boots, a checkered shirt, a fringed suede jacket, and a cowboy hat that looked like it had seen rough use.
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    Southeast Denver Schools

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  • No way we'll make more than twenty klicks a day in this stuff no matter how hard we try.
  • To Sparta and Tanith and Falkenberg's Legion, and a time when we will be comrades again.
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    More than 12,000 students attend DPS schools located in southeast Denver. There are 11 elementary schools, a K-12, two K-8, three middle schools and two high schools. Students and parents looking for the best educational option have a variety of choices including neighborhood schools, schools with magnet programs and charter schools.

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  • Upcoming events

    About Anne

    A proud parent of three teenage daughters in DPS, Anne has been actively involved in their schools for 14 years helping teachers in the classroom, serving as Slavens School's PTA and MSPA president and as co-chair of George Washington High School's Patriot Partners.

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