Denver Denver  students  boycott  school  board  lesson  strategies,  phase  dance  party  in  uniformity  with  striking  instructors  rather

Denver Denver students boycott school board lesson strategies, phase dance party in uniformity with striking instructors rather

By Anne Rowe for DPS board, February 18, 2019

Denver Denver’s instructors learned the example of the LA teacher’s strike and strolled out yesterday; the school district organized training sessions for the students, but students decried them as inadequately presented and “useless” — rather of attending them, the trainees at Denver’s East High arranged a dance party in solidarity with their teachers. Instead of following the district’s phony lesson strategies, trainees at East High in Denver organized a dance party in solidarity with their striking teachers— Eric Blanc (@_ericblanc) February 11, 2019 In the wake of Blizzard/Activision’s statement of mass layoffs following record profits, Liz Shuler of the AFL-CIO has released an open letter on Kotaku attended to to workers in the notoriously violent video video game market, calling on them to unionize as the just course to a reasonable deal. READ THE REST M illions of tons of e-waste — much of it from abundant countries like Australia — are recycled in India, in “markets” with horrible, unsafe working conditions and equally terrible ecological controls. READ THE REST T he Washington Post tracked down workers from Santa Teresa de Cajon in Costa Rica, who say that they and their next-door neighbors were part of a “pipeline” from Central America to Trump residential or commercial properties in New Jersey and elsewhere, where they worked doing building, groundskeeping, and cleaning, with the complete knowledge of their supervisors and Trump Organization […] READ THE REST W hat do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google all have in typical? Somewhere in their framework, they all use MySQL, that most flexible (and free!) of database management systems. And they’re not alone. If your business or the one you’d like to work for wrangles information (and who doesn’t?), they’re going to need somebody with a […] READ THE REST T here’s a factor you’re hearing about the gig economy in every other business story these days. More than ever, individuals are finding earnings from more than one source. And if you discover the right one, a side hustle can do more than simply pad your pockets – it can permit you to finally get paid […] READ THE REST H igh-def video cameras are available to anybody and for much less than they were just a decade earlier. Even the phones in our pockets can be utilized to shoot and edit brief films. It’s never ever been easier to be a filmmaker, offering you have the strategy. Get in the Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle, an online boot […] READ THE REST