Denver Schools Denver  teachers  state  they  will  strike  Monday –

Denver Schools Denver teachers state they will strike Monday –

By Anne Rowe for DPS board, February 10, 2019

Denver Schools

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By Associated Press

DENVER (AP) — Teachers state they will strike Monday after stopping working to reach an arrangement on pay.

Both sides fulfilled Saturday in an attempt to reach a brand-new contract after over a year of settlements.

“Faced with a smoke-and-mirrors proposition that continues to lack openness and presses for failed incentives for some over meaningful base income for all, the DCTA strike will commence for the schools Denver students should have,” the Denver Classroom Educators Association stated in a declaration.

The superintendent of Denver Public Schools says she’s disappointed the teachers union broke off negotiations Saturday night.

“Despite the union’s refusal to continue negotiating, we remain committed to working with the leadership of the DCTA to end this strike,” Superintendent Susana Cordova said in a statement.

In numerous declarations posted Saturday night on its Twitter account, the Denver teachers union said the Denver Public Schools’ most current agreement deal is not good enough.

The bargaining group issued a tweet stating: “We can do better.”

The differences are about pay increases and about bonus offers for instructors in high-poverty schools and other schools that the district thinks about a priority.

The instructors desire lower perks to complimentary up money for better general wages. The district says the perks are key to boosting the scholastic performance of bad and minority students.

Some teachers say total funding for assistance services in those schools is more essential.

Teachers plan to picket schools around the city starting Monday. The district says schools will remain open during the strike and will be staffed by administrators and substitute instructors.

However, the district has actually canceled classes for 5,000 pre-schoolers since it doesn’t have the personnel to take care of them.

The instructors’ union states 93 percent of participating members backed a strike in a vote last month.